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Böhmen is scheduled to release their fourth studio single, ‘Too Soon,’ on July 10. This comes after the success of their previous singles, ‘Lana’ (2023) and ‘Sedate’ (2024), which both appeared on BBC Introducing Hereford & Worcester and Shropshire. These singles also paved the way for radio sessions with DJ Dave Sweetmore on Tameside Radio. Taking inspiration from the sounds and melodies of classic rock whilst integrating those more modern indie anthem sounds, Böhmen have created an extremely potent track that I’m certain will change the trajectory of how we view modern rock music.

Too Soon,’ which was produced and recorded at Red City Recordings in Manchester alongside David Radahd-Jones, delves deeper into a sound that the Manchester quartet hasn’t yet fully explored within their discography. The track has the atmosphere of a one-on-one struggle with no definitive winner or worthwhile conclusion. Lead singer, Archie Austin has an authoritative delivery with a hint of rage that is masterfully complemented by the potent track that sits behind the lyrics. This track exhibits an unquestionable level of passion and talent; it is driven by a burning sense of rage, which is further enhanced by the instrumentals.

This is Böhmen’s revival of the classic rock sound. With heavy guitar riffs complimented beautifully by deep bass tones and racing drumbeats, ‘Too Soon’ creates a sound reminiscent of those distinctive Mötley Crüe riffs, with a burning passion comparable with the vocals of Eric Burdon of The Animals. By adding a touch of classic indie to the mix, the band is well on its way to altering the course of contemporary rock music. Imagine a hybrid of Motle Crue and Kasabian; that is the remarkably unique sound of Böhmen.

The band uses inventive and hypnotising lyrics and melodies to capture the very core of relationships. It’s a truly groundbreaking song that encapsulates everything that a great rock song ought to be. With its characteristic northern sound, which is associated with numerous legendary musicians, this track is sure to be a hit. I have no words to express how amazing the skill on this track is—it is beyond reproach. You can expect to hear this song all over the summer—it’s a certified rock hit!

Get ready to be astounded by the sheer magnitude of talent displayed in ‘Too Soon.’ You’ll be pressing the repeat button as soon as you hear it for the first time, I promise! This song is timeless, so add it to your playlists!

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