Hello! I’m Keira, a young journalist with a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry. I first started my journalism journey working on a combination of both music and women’s football; this journey took me to getting press passes at stadiums, featuring on local BBC radio as well as BBC Radio 1 and featuring on BBC sport documentary. All before turning 18! No matter how much I loved my football journalism journey, music was always my passion throughout. I started up my own blog to develop my skills and passion for writing; interviewing local bands and doing lots of opinion pieces. I’ve worked for an array of companies producing articles and content, I’m delighted to now be providing regular pieces for Northern Exposure. I have keen interest in the genre of indie, and hope to convey my love of music through my writing. I’m always eager to learn through my experiences; gaining more knowledge in how to improve my writing! I work hard to create articles that are engaging and informative, introducing new music to a wide array of different audiences. I hope my work leaves a lasting impression on anyone who reads it!



Hi there! My name’s Martha and I’m a Manchester-based writer. Words have always been my greatest love and I want to use them for good, so getting to write for Northern Exposure is a dream come true. My love for writing began in creative pieces, so as an aspiring journalist my aim with each review I write is to find every opportunity language gives me and create a description that makes the reader feel like they’re truly there with me. And, of course, I love music! I’m so grateful that this position allows me to not only gain writing experience and do what I love, but also find new artists and different angles to listen to music from. Making people feel heard and capturing their experiences is why I want to do this – and the amazing team working here just gives me more inspiration! 



My name is Robert McAlaney, I’m a 20 year old writer from Reading, currently based in London studying at the London College of Communication. I’m fairly new to the journalism scene and I thank Northern Exposure for taking me under their wing and showing me the ropes. Throughout my life there has been one constant and that is music, it has followed me from infancy and through adolescence like a dear friend. Being able to combine my passion for music with my love for writing fills me with copious amounts of joy and I look to the future with anticipation to see how my journey in the industry develops.



Hi! My name’s Craig, I’m from Preston, I’m a writer for Northern Exposure and I’ve been a punk rocker for most of my life!

I’ve been passionate about music ever since I discovered punk in college and I’ve not really looked back since. I attended my first live show a couple of years later in 2001 (Limp Bizkit in Manchester) and since then I’ve been to a many gigs over the past 23 years, mostly falling under the punk umbrella. Being at a live show is absolutely my happy place, whether it’s in a tiny basement or out in a sunny field, it’s worth it for all the blood, sweat and beers!

I’ve been writing for Northern Exposure for only a few months but it’s something I’m enjoying immensely and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. Music journalism is something I never thought I’d be able to do and I look forward to continuing to work with such a great team!


Heather Collier

Heather Collier is a Writer and Music Journalist based in London. Over the past four years she has taught creative writing to young people, curated film premieres at BAFTA and travelled the globe for press conferences, high-end events and documentary shoots as an Editor in the luxury industry. Heather is now weaving a valuable network of writers, artists and creatives within the music sphere, and is enjoying discovering new talent on the UK gig circuit.