Gracing the stage of a packed full Saint Lukes, Blue Rose Code brought their lively, emotive show to Glasgow for an electric hometown performance.

Opening the night was Americana singer/songwriter Emma Jane who delivered an unbelievable performance; her raspy tone and
powerful voice truly brought the house down, leaving the audience talking about her for the rest of the night. After this, the atmosphere grew
restless and the excitement was palpable; it was clear that the crowd were extremely eager to meet the band they’ve been waiting for.

ST LUKES – GLASGOW (Corin McDonald)

Lead singer, Ross Wilson, was joined by a large, varied band consisting of guitar, drums, bass, keys, mandolin, saxophone, trumpet and even a
pedal steel guitar. These all featured on the latest album from Blue Rose Code: ‘Bright Circumstance’ that is being celebrated at this album launch in our very own Glasgow.
As soon as the band stepped out onto stage, the audience were instantly transported into their world of sweet Caledonian soul, imbued with jazzy folk flavours. Right from the first song, Ross had his arms outstretched, which felt like a genuinely welcoming gesture, paired with expressions like “I wrote this for people like you, and for moments like this” – he really drew the audience in and created a tangible sense of community. It was easy to feel the authenticity of the Edinburgh-born singer with his conversational lyrics and personable stories that he shared between each song.

The show cleverly intertwined upbeat bangers from the new album such as ‘Jericho’ and ‘Easy As We Go’ as well as providing breathing room
with slower songs such as ‘Sadie’ and ‘Now The Big Man Has Gone On’. These slower ballads tell such beautifully tragic stories that brought
many audience members to tears especially when Ross told us how he lost his best friend: “And I’ll miss your chat, even though your patter was rotten – oh now the big man has gone”. This honesty and vulnerability allowed the audience to connect with him, even more so when he talked
about his previous alcohol addiction: “1’s too many but 1000’s not enough” – this open approach to such a difficult subject, received positive, empathetic murmurs from those in the crowd who maybe view his music as therapeutic and comforting. When singing such emotional
songs so close to the heart, it’s so easy to get overcome with emotion but I think that true musicians, like Ross, learn to channel it through their music and use just enough to bring a raw element to the song whilst still being able to perform.

There was a gradual introduction of the band members whenever they had a solo – they each had a moment to shine and showcased their
technical ability which was beyond belief; each of them are so individually talented. The drummer used alternative percussive techniques with his hands, the bass and sax player had a gorgeous duet together and the tonality of the pedal steel guitar was so original to this album. It was crystal clear that the entire band was immensely grateful to be on stage. When introducing a fan favourite ‘Thirteen Years’, Ross decided to speak out against current nation-wide and world-wide events to bring awareness to them; “My granny used to tell me to not talk about sex, religion or politics…these are exactly the things we should be talking about”. This came from a place of sincere love for life and just wanting the best for everyone, emphasising how powerful music can be.

BLUE ROSE CODE (Corin McDonald)

Blue Rose Code also worked in some older favourites into the set such as ‘Grateful
and ‘You’re Here and Then You’re Gone’ which brought about a dynamic response from the crowd. Along with these, the band put their own spin on the classic ‘Amazing Grace’ that was soaked in elements of jazz and pure soul. Shortly afterwards, Ross performed a mellow, stripped back version of Norah Jones’ ‘Come Away With Me’ – this undeniably suited his voice so well and with glimmers of mandolin, he undoubtedly made
this song his own.

Despite the tough journey to the creation of this album, Ross and his beautiful band gave a serene and calming performance, finishing the show with a bang by playing an older favourite ‘Ldn City Lights’ which had everyone on their feet and clapping along. This Friday night was a sensational journey for those in Saint Lukes; from heartfelt acoustic songs to animated tracks full of passion – this band is one of the best live acts around. For fans of Van Morrison and John Martyn or for fans of…music, I cannot recommend Blue Rose Code enough.

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