In 2023, Slowski released second single ‘Bone Music’. This track was named after the Soviet-
era method of bootlegging records, pioneered by sound engineer Ruslan Bogoslowski. This
sound engineer is where the trio derive their name from. Now in 2024, they release the newest
addition to their growing catalogue, ‘Send Me The Link’.

‘Send Me The Link’ is a product of talented songwriting and collaboration across various levels.
Slowski worked alongside Connor Jones from Humm Studios, Alexandre Hurr from The Axe
& Trap as well as Graeme Lynch of Two Zero Nine who mastered the track.

Slowski’s founding duo consists of Elliott Winter as frontman and David Brown on guitar and
overall production. They were later joined by Joey Crooke, whose “militaristic drum” skills
provide a beneficial addition to the group. Within a relatively simple and easy listening melody,
they have been able to create an almost tense, atmospheric environment through ethereal
sounds. The Bristol trio definitely know how to bring their exact ideas to life.

It is clear only from a couple of tracks that the group incorporates a lot of thought into their work.
Following this pattern, ‘Send Me The Link’ is a track surrounding a selection of subjects.
Stillness and sleep paralysis as well as spectatorship are themes the band have mentioned
being prevalent within this latest track.

While normally producing work that can be categorised as psychedelic and indie, ‘Send Me The
Link’ is a musical journey that successfully utilises changes in tempos to demonstrate a change
in feeling. “I fell asleep on the sofa again” is a lyric before one of these changes in moods. The
almost haunting crescendo could simply just be a musical addition, but I couldn’t help but relate
this to the themes of sleep paralysis and stillness. Perhaps this increase in tempo is indicative of
an increase in heart rate or emotion.

I really love that everything Slowski create has a tremendous level of thought behind it. I think a
lot of creatives are too quick to produce music in order to please an algorithm. But I don’t think
this is the intention of Slowski, their music is made with a particular intention, and a specific
message. Even with these intended thoughts and ideas, there is still a mesmerising mix of
versatility and simplicity within ‘Send Me The Link’ that can give Slowski a universal audience.
If you’re a fan of creatives like Nick Cave, Red Rum Club and The XX, then you’ll love Slowski,
and you’ll also love ‘Send Me The Link’.

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