Dirty Laces are a band that tick every box you could possibly wish to complete emerging from the legendary Manchester music scene. Embodying the soul of classic rock whilst modernising with their
exceptional musicianship, they are without a single doubt everything right with the indie-rock genre at the moment. Following the success of their debut album release last week, the Manchester-based 5-piece took central stage at Canvas 1 on Saturday night, delivering all promises of a spectacular night of
music, undoubtedly giving the packed out room ‘something to adore’. Whilst it only feels like yesterday I was watching the band play a sold-out Gorilla in 2019, the growth in sound and presence is
undeniable and proves all lights to be green going forward for them as a group. Whilst charismatic in charm and undeniably gifted within crowd-work, there is something intense and almost intimidating about the presence of Dirty Laces on stage in front of an audience – especially frontman Charlie Jordan. With a voice arguably like no other, accompanied with some of the best musical talent in the scene from
his peers – the structure of the band constantly demonstrate confidence within their music and solidify their ever-growing impact on the music scene. Proven time and time again by the band’s back
catalogue of successful gigs, there is never an audience member without their eyes glued to the band awaiting their next move. Whilst at their undeniable command, Laces’ crowd prove to elevate
their performance and carry the dynamic feeling from the music throughout the room – leaving not one body stationary.

Performing singles such as ‘Exile’, ‘These Days’ and my personal favourite ‘You’ from their exceptional discography – it was clear there simply wasn’t enough time in the set to squeeze everything the​ lads have to offer – both new and classic. Debuting the incredible live versions of the album’s new tracks such as ‘Stop’ and ‘Tomorrow Comes Again’, the spotlight really shone when frontman Charlie took
to the stage, solo, for ‘The Final Scene’ – sharing an incredibly special moment with the crowd and effortlessly creating what can only be described as pure captivation and awe from the audience for the
beautiful rendition.

Whilst unfortunately missing out fan-favourite ‘Back Of The Line’, Laces’ took their encore to the next level with a spectacular cover of The Dandy Warhols’ ‘Bohemian Like You’ and
finished their set with the unexpected final return of one of their first singles ‘Moving Pictures’ – a throwback to say the least. Lingering in the venue, arm-in-arm, the crowd sang along for a beautiful tribute to the late Shane MacGowan (an obvious influence within the band), whilst glowing smiles from the band members could be seen dotted around the venue, following the great success of their biggest
headline to date. I can only express my deepest, most sincere condolences to those who were not present in the room with us at Canvas 1 on Saturday night – you may have just missed one of the best nights of music from an emerging band this year.


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