Pierce The Veil (Bella Proudfoot/Northern Exposure)


California-based post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil showed up and sold out Manchester’s
Victoria Warehouse on Saturday night. Preforming to a bustling crowd exuding adrenaline and emotional intensity, the lights dimmed while the audience erupt into cheers and the band took the stage amidst a cacophony of applause. With their trademark blend of raw
emotion, gut wrenching lyricism and technical prowess, Pierce the Veil launched into a
setlist that spanned their impressive career, playing a considerable amount of beloved
classics; ‘A Match into Water’, ‘Caraphenelia‘ and ‘Bulletproof Love‘ from their early years
to tracks from their latest, US no.1 chart topping album, The Jaws of Life.

PIERCE THE VEIL (Bella Proudfoot/Northern Exposure)

The show encapsulated the staggering bond between the band and their audience, each
band member visibly interacting and joking with fans who’d made it close enough. Lead singer Vic Fuentes’ particular relationship with fans shone as he addresses the packed out Warehouse in heartfelt speeches and spending almost every interval between songs handing out guitar picks to the crowd below.

“I know this tour is supposed to be about The Jaws of Life” Vic continues, “but I was hoping to sing an oldone with you tonight. You’ve taken this song and made it completely your own, this song
doesn’t belong to the band anymore, it belongs to you. We just really want to thank
everyone in this room… For holding on ’til May.”

What transpired next was a moment of pure magic. As the band conclude the first verse of
‘Hold on Till May’, one of the band’s most beloved and emotionally charged songs,
Fuentes invites one member of the audience to join the band on stage. Holding the hands
of the lucky fan, Fuentes sings along to the poignant lyrics, his voice filled with raw
emotion, it was clear that this was a special moment not just for the fan on stage, but for
everyone in the room… and the surprises didn’t end there. As the song reached its climax,
Fuentes did something truly remarkable. With a smile on his face, he handed his guitar to
the fan as a gift while she cries and sings lyrics back to him. The fans pure joy was
“All around the world, people say you are the loudest crowds in the entire world, they sing the loudest, they scream the loudest… So I want to sing with you” mirrored by the thousands of fans in attendance, who cheered her on with unrestrained enthusiasm.

PIERCE THE VEIL (Bella Proudfoot/Northern Exposure)

It’s moments like these that truly make live music special. Pierce the Veil‘s performance in
Manchester was more than just a concert—it was a communal experience filled with
emotion, energy, and unforgettable moments enough to make anyone shed a tear. As the
final notes of the encore consisting of ‘Bulls in the Bronx’ and of course, ‘King for a Day’
faded away, the lights came up and the swarm of adoring fans barged for the merch desk,
it was clear that this was a night that would be cherished by fans for years to come.