WHO ARE STANLEYS? Simply put, they are the Wigan quartet taking the northern music scene by a storm.

Gaining success from their incredibly feel-good, indie tracks – Stanleys have an unbelievably successful 2024 ahead of them; with supporting Britpop royalty set to be “the highlight of their Summer”.

It comes as after their enormously triumphant sold-out headline at Manchester’s Academy 2 which propelled the band into the greater spotlight of the Northern music scene, with fans now practically begging for more and more from the Wigan lads. Now, half way through the year, the band have announced their brand new EP The Gallery, featuring hit tracks such as ‘She’s Done It Again’ and ‘I’ll Try’, new single ‘He Knows’ and heavily awaited tune ‘Anything’ – arguably their greatest track, with glorious vocals and ridiculously catchy melodies.

Stanleys will support Richard Ashcroft on Sunday 21st July

Set to support the legendary face of Britpop – Richard Ashcroft (TICKETS) at his first hometown Wigan show in over 25 years to a crowd of 12,000 at Robin Park, the band have something more intimate on the cards first. Announcing an intimate headline date at Liverpool’s iconic Jacaranda Club, the show sold out almost immediately, proving the incredibly high demand to see the band who can only be considered as the next big thing. When speaking to the band on exactly why they chose the Jacaranda for their next headline before such a busy Summer they said,

“It feels like we’ve almost neglected the loyalty of our Liverpool fanbase for a while now and we wanted to go back and give them a really good show. Before lockdown, we were doing really well in Liverpool and it feels ever since we’ve just not given back as much as we’d like to”.

SOLD OUT! Stanley’s kick start their busy Summer at Liverpool’s Jacaranda

The headline will act as an almost warm-up show for the extraordinary Summer that lies ahead of the quartet. In addition to supporting the mighty legend Richard Ashcroft for his first hometown show in over 25 years, the band are set to hit an incredibly busy festival season with fan favourites YNOT and Kendal Calling being two giants they are set to embark on.

There is no doubt the band will only find further success from playing their extremely likeable tracks under the Summer sun over the course of the next few months. The band’s hit single ‘She’s Done It Again’ skyrocketed them to greater success with it being the song that “opened the doors for us a lot more”, gaining large attraction from both new and old fans and becoming the stand-out track of the Stanley’s live sets. Sometimes you can’t hear singer Tom over the volume of the crowd singing the catchy chorus back to the band, with the lads saying its always had “that bit of something, that bit of grip”.

Stanleys will release their new EP The Gallery later this year

Speaking on the 4 track EP The Gallery set to arrive later in the year, the band said “we’ve had this under our hat for too long almost, we want to show everyone where we’ve come and where we’re at now”. It is with no doubt Stanleys will be taking the summer of 2024 by a storm, with their success being only inevitable in the future.

Stanleys latest single ‘He Knows’ is OUT NOW – Check out the full review by Kiera Knox HERE!

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