For East-London based rock band, The Howlers, their impending debut album release ‘What You’ve Got To Lose To Win It All’ (out 17/05/2024) is a testament to the bands short but turbulent journey. Emerging from the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, the band released their debut EP ‘The Sum of Our Fears’ during the summer of 2021 before subsequently wrapping things up with a sell out tour, however, it wasn’t all so plain sailing behind the scenes. From navigating internal band disputes, personal health troubles and a wave of close bereavements, for lead-vocalist Adam Young it all become too heavy.

‘I had two strokes in the space of two months,’ says Adam, ‘mostly because I was carrying everything on my shoulders.’ The pressure should have marked the end of The Howlers. Having parted ways with their original drummer, the stress of all the previous challenges put strain on Adam and bassist Guus’s working relationship. Roll on the arrival of new drummer, Tom, and things started to move in a more positive trajectory for the band.

Releasing ‘Further Down The Line‘ last year, the current band trio formation of Adam, Guus and Tom moved into 2024 with the announcement of their debut release set for the Spring. Singles ‘Lady Luck‘, ‘El Dorado‘, ‘Cowboys Don’t Cry‘ and ‘I Need You Love‘ set the tone for the May album release which journeys those feelings of trauma and grief in a creative and healing manner. Recorded in just 8 days towards the end of 2023, the band reflected on the cinematic moment they finished the album coming out of the studio together and being faced with (an unexpected) firework display; providing the ultimate moment of reflection on their journey so far.

The lovely Sam Shiner had the opportunity to chat about their debut album and the rocky road that led up to it.

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What You’ve Got To Lose To Win It All will be release on Friday 17th May across all major streaming platforms, Vinyl, CD, Cassette and limited mech bundles, exclusively on their website PRE-ORDER NOW

The Howlers will also be heading out across the UK, starting in Glasgow and Edinburgh on May 10th for a string of intimate in-store live appearances before their own headline tour which will take them even further throughout the rest of 2024. All the links you need are HERE!

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