Over the past year, Megan Wyn has amassed a devoted following from all around the United Kingdom. It all began when she stocked her repertoire with songs that were way beyond her years. A lasting effect was left on new music scenesters in general by earlier cuts, “You Don’t Get It,” “Familiar Faces,” and “Are You Bored Yet?” Megan Wyn has created a sound that is akin to her Welsh predecessors Manic Street Preachers, Catfish, and The Bottlemen, with her self-deprecating and occasionally literal lyrics.

Megan Wyn, the most exciting arena rock newbie of 2024, is back with a disdainful, self-critical, and lambasting new single entitled “Waiting For A Reason.” The Welsh songstress is ready to take on the industry with full force.

Within this track, Megan Wyn demonstrates how skill is not limited by age and that age is only a number. The beginning of the tune builds to a crescendo before the track explodes into life, rewarding new listeners with the ultimate payoff of unadulterated, raw brilliance. are that an artist constantly appeals to pop perceptions while maintaining an air of effortless coolness. It has an air of regret and confidence all at once, just like an adolescent coming into their own.

In this track, Wyn’s powerful and raspy vocal range is audible, evoking a sense of unshakable emotion and desire throughout. The tune is intensely emotional and forceful, featuring potent drum beats and guitar riffs that overwhelm the intensity of the emotion it contains. It is fuelled by passion and fire. Unbelievably cool in this song, Megan Wyn demonstrates her unquestionable brilliance —dare I say it, this might be her best work to yet.

Megan Wyn is going to have a big year, and this single is only the beginning. The singer is increasingly scheduled for events, and she has spots at major festivals like Kendal Calling, Y Not Festival, Liverpool Sound City, and Focus Wales already on her schedule, making this summer her busiest to date. In addition, she is scheduled to travel to Sweden for her first international performance.

With a headline tour and debut EP scheduled for later this year, 2024 looks to be an incredibly special year for Wyn. The young starlet has the entire world at her disposal. For fans of The Mysterines, Nieve Ella, The Lottery Winners and Wunderhorse, ‘Waiting For A Reason’ is for you.





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