“You’re not a has-been, you’re a Heinz Bean!” KID KAPICHI | GLASGOW GARAGE 05/04

There’s something spectacular about feeling the floorboards bounce beneath your heels. When the room is jumping so hard that you can’t help but be propelled into the air yourself. It’s a special sort of unison unique to the live music experience that can’t quite be conveyed by words, but tonight that energy was generated by the collective efforts of Dumb Buoys Fishing Club, Dead Pony and Kid Kapichi.

Kid Kapichi (Alannah Stirling/Northern Exposure)

A sharp start at Glasgow’s legendary Garage, it’s unfortunate that tonight’s first opening act is on at just 6.45pm. Dumb Buoys Fishing Club are the the fictitious collaborative project of producers Dan Bartlett (Dan D’Lion) and Havelock who delivered their debut album Wrecked last year. Taking on the fish farmer alter-ego, for some bizarre reason, it works.

Dead Pony (Alannah Stirling/Northern Exposure)

Glasgow’s Dead Pony are not only celebrating being in home turf this evening but the release of their anticipated debut album ‘IGNORE THIS‘ (read our interview/review feature here) which conveniently dropped on the same day. There’s an impressive crowd sporting Dead Pony merch for their early support slot. Having already performed two in-stores live appearances earlier that day, the ‘Nu-Rock’ quartet show no signs of wearing with their dynamic stage presence. The first pits of the evening are in full force, and teasing of the sort of momentum still to come for the headlining act. Entering to the new albums namesake, Dead Pony go on to perform a medley of singles from their new album. ‘About Love‘, ‘MK Nothing‘, ‘RAINBOWS‘, ‘COBRA‘ and ending with the deliciously delightful ‘MANA‘. Amongst that incredible run of tracks, they still manage to squeeze in seasoned fan favourite ‘23, Never Me‘ to their short setlist. Performing like headliners, it’s a high bar for Kid Kapichi to reach in such quick succession.

Releasing their third acclaimed studio album There Goes The Neighbourhood just last month, Hastings industrial punk rock band Kid Kapichi brew up a storm in their headlining Glasgow show.

Arriving on stage to the string crescendo of latest album opener ‘Artillery‘, Kid Kapichi’s swag and energy delivers just like it should. The crowd mirror that dynamic, giving just as much back, building an unbreakable ambience.

Kid Kapichi (Alannah Stirling/Northern Exposure)

The set gives a generous dose of tracks from across the Hasting band’s three album catalogue. Recent singles ‘Lets Get To Work‘ ‘999‘ and nostalgia driven ‘Tamagotchi‘ work wonders to elevate the crowd. “You’re not a has-been, you’re a Heinz Bean” from ‘Let’s Get To Work‘ captures the level of wit engrained in this bands music. Even if you don’t know the words to shout back at the band, then the sentiment is simple enough to comprehend and get involved in.

2022’s Here’s What You Could Have Won has many moments in the spotlight. ‘I.N.V.U‘ ‘5 Days On‘, ‘Rob The Supermarket‘ are all infectiously bubbly and sing-a-long ready. ‘New England‘ – which was originally recorded with Bob Vylan – see’s a reappearance of the Dumb Buoys Fishing Club duo who are picked from the crowd to join the band on stage. Springing from one side of the stage to the other in what seems like a flash, the pair are unmatched in bounce tonight.

Thankfully, there are some stripped back moments courtesy of frontman Jack who brings their massive sing-a-long, anti-government anthem ‘Party At Number 10‘ to life. Fairly self explanatory by it’s title, Jack takes a moment to draw attention to the three flags on stage which reflect more recent challenging events happening across the world. Not one’s to hold back on their political oppositions, Kid Kapichi are well known and respected for their ruthless approach to tough and controversial topics.

The encore section of the evening and the band have saved two of their most anarchic tracks yet to close; ‘Sardines‘ followed by ‘Smash The Gaff’. Two songs which mirror growing working class frustration that this Glasgow crowd clearly connect with. But rather than literally taking to “smashing the gaff”, instead we gig-goers put on our band tee’s, grab a pint, jump up and down, run in circles and scream about that frustration for a couple of hours – all before returning home to our families, getting an early night for work and pay bills for the rest of our lives. Fair play to all the bands tonight for taking us to a detached reality for a few hours – that’s how you do live music. Until next time.

Kid Kapichi will continue their UK tour leg this week before heading to Europe for the rest of the month.

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